March 14, 2019- I  just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for all that you do for us at Broadway Services / Silver Star Security. You really do strive for high quality and your employees reflect your influence beautifully. I know Broadway Services / Silver Star Security has been a customer of Tim’s Auto for some time, but I have been working with Tim’s since I arrived here at Broadway Services / Silver Star Security 10 years ago. I always have received the utmost reliable service. Whenever I call with an issue in maneuvering my fleet around because of some unforeseen problem, Tim’s is always ready to help in getting us back in service quickly. You can always tell that the staff truly cares about their job and their customers. Whether I send an email or place a phone call needing assistance, the response from the staff there is very quick to respond back with the needed help. They are always very respectful, courteous, and friendly. On a personal note – in the past there were times that I or my family member called Tim’s Auto for a tow because of some unforeseen vehicle issue. Tim’s towing was very quick to respond and handle the situation at hand.  Again, I just want to say “Thank You” for everything that you and your staff does for Broadway Services / Silver Star Security.

Jack Long, Director of Operations, Broadway Services / Silver Star Security


Judi Coleman Garitty - reviewed Tim's Automotive & Towing-  July 1 at 1:29pm - Seriously... Thank Goodness for Tim at Tim's Automotive and Towing. It feels so good to know you can truly trust someone! I would pay him for an oil change before I would get a free one or anything else from Jones!!!


Aoife O'Sullivan — reviewed TIM'S AUTOMOTIVE &T OWING - 5 star March 22, 2015 -  My car was acting as if he had just weeks to live. I brought him to Tim's yesterday, and today he's driving like a dream. I worried that Tim's would offer me palliative care only. Instead they offered a complete cure. Thank you for saving my car's life Tim's.


Vickie Anne Rugemer Beasman reviewed TIM'S AUTOMOTIVE & TOWING — 5 star March 31, 2015 at 5:28pm • I just love love these guys and Matt thank you so much!



I work at Heritage, and Tim's is a great customer to deal with, polite employee's. If it needs fixin, go to Tim's!

9:27 am on Monday, August 6, 2012



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