Car Care Clinic

THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED, WHAT A GREAT EVENT!!! “Strut” Yourself on Over to the Tim’s Automotive FREE CAR CARE CLINIC Saturday, March 25th, 1:00pm – 2:30pm  In anticipation of National Car Care Month, TIM’S AUTOMOTIVE will host an informative and interactive FREE Car Care Clinic!  At Tim’s Automotive we feel that education to the consumer is the key to empowering our customers so that they feel confident in making decisions about their vehicle to keep it safe, reliable and cost effective.  Therefore, allowing them to make informed decisions about all of their car care needs.  This educational event is not only beneficial to new drivers, but also to those who have been driving for years. Seminar Topics Include:
  • Checking tire pressure and tread depth
  • Demonstrating safe ways to change tires
  • Checking and maintaining proper fluid levels
  • How to keep your vehicle properly maintained to save you money and to extend the longevity of your vehicle
  • Safety issues on the road
  • How to recognize potential problems
  • And much, much more!
REFRESHMENTS will be available as well as great DOOR PRIZES and other FUN GIVEAWAYS!!!  This event is always a huge hit and a really fun afternoon, but space is limited.  Please CALL OR E-MAIL to reserve your spot today! 3015 East Joppa Road Baltimore, MD 21234 410-665-9098     410-668-6161     E-mail:


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